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Soon afterwards, Pennzoil contacted both Gordon Getty and a representative of the J. On December 28, 1983, Pennzoil announced an unsolicited, public tender offer for 16 million shares of Getty Oil at 0 each.They have been in the plumbing and electrical field for over 40 years and Brad’s uncle started this business in the early 1950’s.This auction will include the major pieces of equipment, trucks, specialty tools, related equipment and all remaining plumbing and electrical supplies.

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Written Opinion: Decision and Order signed on 4/10/2009 on Motion of Bank of New York Mellon For Reargument of Court's Determination That The Arco And Equistar Noteholders Are Adequately Protected.

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Gordon Getty was to become chairman of the board, and Hugh Liedtke, the chief executive officer of Pennzoil, was to become chief executive officer of the new company.

Under the plan set out in the Memorandum of Agreement, Pennzoil and the Trust (with Gordon Getty as trustee) were to become partners on a 3/7ths to 4/7ths basis respectively, in owning and operating Getty Oil.

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