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Everyone fell hard for Britt Nilsson on Chris Soules’ season of the Bachelor.

And while Nilsson didn’t win Soules’ heart or become the Bachelorette, she’s certainly experienced her fair share of adventures since the Bachelor. Here are five fun facts every Britt Nilsson fan should know!

I think I could actually feel my soul dying inside.

I just kept thinking, “That’s all this is; a competition. They don’t want “her,” the person, they want “her,” the prize.

However, you can get to know this Bachelor star through the Britt Nilsson blog.

In the handful of posts that Nilsson has published so far, the ex-Bachelor star has talked about everything from body image to sex to her first night as the Britt Bachelor we remember her as. She gives you an honest look at her inner thoughts and her faith, writing things like: “If I don’t feel comfortable in my skin, I hear lies in my head that change the vision I have of who I am– my overall value depreciates dramatically.” If you ever wondered if Nilsson was more than just a pretty face, her website is proof that she is!

earlier this week, but that didn’t really help clear up the matter.

I want to ask her to describe — really describe — all of the weird racial tension that popped up on set.and the first black Bachelor or Bachelorette ever — I find myself imagining the specific conversation I want to have with her — the one only two black women who appreciate good lacefronts can have about dating and race and love.I want to know what criteria she uses to figure out who’s down with the swirl — we all have a way of sussing out which white boys are (Chris Evans) and are not (John Mayer).“You can Whaboom and you can be Whaboom.” Watch the video below to see what the Whaboom really looks like (Hint: It’s like a cross between “The Exorcist” and Road Runner).As the end of "The Bachelor" Season 21 nears, let's take a look back at the long-running ABC reality show's infamous troublemakers.I was half-expecting her to show up in Bachelorette fatigues — full red lipstick, shimmering eye shadow, and some sort of sequined gown — but the unofficial L. uniform of Soul Cycle and Sugarfish feels equally appropriate. ”), she settles down on a couch and turns to the producer sitting next to her to ask if she can “spill the tea.” The producer nods. She’s from a telegenic family in an affluent Dallas suburb.

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