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A subsequent cvs update will then delete the file under its old name and check out a new copy of the file under its new name.

(*Be careful not to do this when you have uncommitted modifications to the file, because you'll lose them.* Do a cvs update first to be sure.) The CVS repository is actually just a tree of RCS files, and CVS uses the names of those files to know what names the files should have.

This chapter explains tags, branches, and how to merge branches and trunks.

It also discusses why and when to branch and provides strategies and hints for using branches effectively in your project.

One of the most helpful yet underused facilities of CVS is the tag .

CVS's tagging feature allows you to label a revision for later retrieval.

updating cvs-87updating cvs-73updating cvs-60updating cvs-81

The CSV file format is useable by KSpread, Open Office Calc and Microsoft Excel spread-sheet applications.

Whether you'd like to use CVS to "check out" the latest sources of a particular software package, or whether you'd like to begin using CVS as a full-fledged developer, this tutorial is for you. The first shows you how to use CVS as a non-developer, i.e. The second part introduces you to using CVS as a developer, showing you how to modify, add and remove files on CVS and perform other developer-related tasks.

If you are new to CVS, it's recommended that you begin in the first section and proceed to the second section; if you have some basic CVS experience but are going to be using CVS as a full-fledged developer for the first time, you should find everything you need in the second section, but you may want to go through the first section as a review.

The RCS files have the same name as their checked out versions, but with an extra ",v" appended to the end.

The full path to the repository directory corresonding to a checked out directory is stored in CVS/Repository.

CVS allows you to retrieve any checked-in revision of a file.

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